Man Giving Car Key — 4WD Parts in Tamworth, NSW



Multidrive Parts Australia makes it effortless to invest in a quality used 4WD or commercial vehicle. Whether you require a 4WD for business or pleasure, we will be delighted to help you find the ideal model to suit your needs. Whether you need a vehicle for recreational use or a 4WD or commercial for your business, we can accommodate your request.

We sell used 4WDs, including Landcruisers, Hilux, Navara, BT50, Rodeo, Colorado, Rangers and other popular models. If you are looking for a used 4WD or commercial on a budget Multidrive can help you. Most vehicles are available under $10,000, and are all pink slipped for peace of mind
Our sales representatives know everything about 4WDs. They understand the best makes and models inside out. They know the pros, cons and intricacies of every car available at our yard. If you need any information about a 4WD before committing to a specific model, do not hesitate to ask.

As we also sell new and used 4WD parts, you know that any service parts are available in-house. If a part is damaged or worn out, we can organise a replacement part quick smart.

If you have been saving diligently for a Toyota Hilux, BT50 or Nissan Navara, visit our yard. Multidrive Parts Australia will give you the best deal on a used 4WD or commercial vehicle in Tamworth!